Finally, after decade-long attempts to try and make the Gold Coast an actual city, it has been confirmed this week that for the foreseeable future, they will not be given any more nice toys.

This comes after years of dismal attempts to establish sporting franchises on the glitter strip.

The final straw for the sprawling area of jetski owners and scaffolders was the AFL Franchise, the Gold Coast Suns.

After years of woeful on-field performances and appalling crowd numbers, the call for the AFL to move the Gold Coast Suns down to Tasmania, where people actually care about the sport, is finally gathering momentum.

Gold Coast Lord Mayor Tom Tate told The Advocate that he couldn’t care less if they move the Suns.

“No one here cares mate. I actually am looking forward to moving em on”

“There’ll be less pressure on me to build a new stadium”

The piss poor performance of the Suns follows in the long and hallowed tradition of the Gold Coast failing at establishing sporting clubs, like the Gold Coast Chargers, the Gold Coast Titans (which are owned by the NRL because they are not financially viable) and last but not least Gold Coast United FC.

The voices for the Suns move are growing, after the extended family of footy-mad southerners down in the Apple Isle, have consistently proven that they will turn out in force if they finally get a team.

Nerang local Tyrone Roberts spoke to our reporters on the street about how he has never once seen a game of live sport on the GC.

“I don’t give a fuck. I am a fan of sport I guess. But no one lives in the Goldie long enough to get around a team. Just bring an Origin match here every couple years and we’ll turn out”


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