The maternal bond between a mother and daughter is often revered as one of the strongest ties in the modern family.

So much so that the convenience of mobile phones and data plans has provided non-stop mother-daughter phone convos across the country – while TVs and nearby conversations blare around them.

This was more than evident at the house of a local Betoota Outfitters employee over the weekend.

Darcy Lipton (29) says he knows his girlfriend and her mum love a yarn, but their most recent effort has really left him quite stunned.

During the exhilarating re-run of the Panthers v Roosters NRL match Sunday morning, Darcy’s girlfriend Alison (30) managed to hold a free-flowing phone conversation with her mum that lasted the entire length of a football match.

“That’s including half-time, the pre-show panel discussions, and all the ads” said Darcy.

“Thats like two and half hours.” he said.

“Absolutely out of control.”

While Darcy says he’s impressed, he’s also a bit concerned.

“I didn’t come up once. And the momentum didn’t slow down either. Like, they talked about every single thing in the world except me”

“It makes me wonder how much airtime I get when I’m not around”


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