Local girl, Kat Donald (27) has today posted a lovely Facebook tribute to her little brother Keiran on the day of his 21st.

Well that’s what her mum and auntys think. And anyone who loves them equally and see the natural beauty in them all. However, close friends of Kat’s can see right through this ploy for social media points.

The fact that Kat’s goofy younger brother has a reputation as both a brawler and a unemployable local piss head is only part of the reasoning behind her photo tribute.

Apart from the fact that she is using her wholesome social media presence to humanise her universally disliked younger brother, she’s also using his contrasting lack of fashion sense and generally rude head to highlight her good looks.

“Happy 21st to my BIG little brother! Hope you have a good one and here’s to a better year!”

The “better year” comment that Kat talks about is directly related to his brother’s court case regarding high range drink driving that everyone in town knows about, and her inspirational tone is just what’s needed to put the water under the bridge.

That, and the fact she looks really hot in this photo.

“Thanks 🙂 see you all tonight” writes her younger brother underneath, knowing full well that this isn’t a good photo of him, and that she’s used his unfortunate looks as a tool to pull in social media attention from his sicko mates.


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