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A new agreement between Hillsong, Crown and the State Government will see a publicly funded Christian Day Centre set up on the bottom floor of Sydney’s Crown Casino, which is due to open in 2020.

The Centre will boast a range of state of the art features, including VR sermons and a dedicated prayer room, in which the children can spend as long as necessary, praying for the good fortune of their parents.

Whilst the Centre will be a free service it won’t be available to just anyone, explained a Crown representative.

“This service will only be available to patrons who have pledged to spend at least 30 hours per week using our other facilities. We aren’t running a charity here” they remarked.

The NSW premier has also come out in support of the plans suggesting “these services will provide valuable financial support for parents who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.”

“Put simply, I believe it is ventures like this that are set to make Sydney great again.”

For those who voiced their concerns about their taxpayer dollars being spent on staffing, fear not says Baird, “A number of high-profile former priests have already offered their services, free of charge!” he exclaimed.

For anyone wishing to apply for these services, “it’s quite simple” explained the Crown staffer.

“All you need to do is provide proof that you are currently spending the required 30 hours per week at any other licensed gaming venue in NSW, we’ll do the rest.”

Reports already suggest that the Star Casino is now looking to follow suit with similar Daycare options for Christian, Muslim and Hindi patrons.


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