A local grand final celebration has just found it’s 18th-wind, four days into their post-season celebrations.

Betoota Dolphins hooker, Luke Fitz, says the back-end of Mad Monday really separated the boys from the men, but a few dark horses have popped up.

“I didn’t think that chubby little colties bloke would still be here. Where the fuck did he grow up? Toxic Tuesday is for the real troopers”

“Not to mention the physio. He didn’t even cop an official invitation and he’s probably best on ground – I spose it probably because he didn’t start this bender after 80 minutes of high-intensity compact sport”

While the club has congratulated itself for being able to remain off social media, club captain Josh Pearson says it doesn’t really matter this year.

“We succesfully stamped out blackface a few years back. The boys understand the issue and how it might offend some people”

“We also have a clear policy when it comes to illegals. Two at a time, no cameras”

While a lot of the blokes are starting to get text messages from their mothers and significant others, 48-year-old captain-coach of fourth-grade, Bobby says they should all be ignored because this is what it’s all about.

“Grand finals don’t come around that often” he says.

“Especially ones as close as that. I can’t believe we lost”



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