6 May, 2016. 11:45

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

AFTER BEING TOLD THAT he’ll never be settled in Sydney, a first home-buyer has set himself alight outside Treasurer Scott Morrison’s Sutherland Shire home to protest the obvious short-comings in his budget.

The prospect for young people of not owning a house in Australia’s largest city is unfathomable, especially after the journey a lot of first-homebuyers take to arrive in Sydney.

Sadly, many of these brave young Australians would rather self-immolate than return home to the one-horse-brothel-towns they crawled out from.

And then to rub it in, the prime minister told the downtrodden middle-wage earners that they should hit their parents up for a mortgage deposit, despite most Australians coming from normal families – where $30k-$50k is an abnormal amount of idle coin t0 have.

It was all too much for Guyra lass Misty Herbert, who chose to drive her late-model Jeep down to Cronulla from her rented duplex in Rose Bay and set herself on fire in the driveway of Morrison’s home.

“It’s a tragic outcome,” said Morrison as he applied the Greek broom to his driveway.

“My wife is upstairs now trying to get the smell of burnt hair out of the curtains as we speak. I’m going to have to get the Gurney out to get rid of these char marks on the drive. Ms Herbert didn’t have to do this,”

“I would’ve been more annoying if she smeared dog shit through my letterbox like everybody else does.”

Ms Herbert was rushed to nearby Royal North Shore Hospital where she’s listed in a critical, but stable condition.



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