14 December, 2015 17:35


Local anthropological experts have confirmed that former Brisbane real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay is a real piece of shit.

That’s according to a recent study conducted by the Diamantina Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (DSIRO).

“What we have found is that the, currently incarcerated, Gerard Baden-Clay is the type of bloke you probably wouldn’t piss on if his teeth were on fire,” says Ernst Du Plessis, a 74-year-old veteran researcher with the noble-prize nominated organisation based in South Betoota.

“In fact, if Gerard Baden-Clay’s teeth were on fire, most people would take the opportunity to cause further harm to him. I know I certainly would,”

“I may be an elderly scientist, but I would most definitely put the gloves on if given the opportunity to inflict as much hurt upon this cowardly man as possible,”

This news comes as the “smug” adulterer has succeeded in having his murder conviction for killing his wife Allison downgraded to manslaughter.

The Court of Appeal set aside the murder finding, saying there was not enough evidence to prove he intended to kill the mother-of-three in 2012.

During Baden-Clay’s appeal four months ago, his lawyers argued it was possible he could have unintentionally killed his wife during an argument at their home in Brookfield, in Brisbane’s west.

With Brisbane’s Courier Mail dedicating two entire front pages to aggressively shaming the wife-killing attempted life-insurance fraud, The Betoota Advocate would like to boldly align ourselves with this sentiment.

From the editors:

Mr Baden-Clay not only thought he was above the law, he also thought he was smarter than the law. Mr Baden-Clay incriminated himself twelve hours after murdering his innocent wife - who had also cheated on, many time.
Mr Baden-Clay is a fuckwit, and we wish the worst for him at the hands of hardened criminals within the Queensland prison system.


  1. he should stay in jail do the crime he should not get none of that money . Him & girlfriend know something probably paid her to shut her mouth I BET.


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