Every single band in the world that has had over 20,000 views on YouTube has been told to come to Brazil, it has been confirmed.

However, what is also apparent is the fact that no one actually visits Brazil, given the incessant requests each time a video or interview is released.

Bands of all scales are often told to come to Brazil by dedicated social media commenters, as the 8.5 million square kilometres South American nation is seemingly left off many international tours.

Mid-tier Brisbane garage-band, Hell’s Tinder, says they knew they were halfway towards booking a venue in Sydney when Brazilian flag emojis started popping up on the comments of their Youtube channel.

“The moment we were told to come to Brazil, we knew we were on to something” said lead singer, Kurt Allison (23).

“Shame we won’t be able to afford a tour there for the next few years. Gotta get some gigs in Australia first. Once we get the Tivoli, we might think about taking a 14,600km trip to a Portuguese speaking country in Latin American”

“A couple plays on Triple J has gotta be just around the corner. Now that we’ve cornered the Brazil market”


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