26 February, 2015. 15:30

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One of Queensland’s most tight-knit construction communities have this week announced plans to go on strike over the government’s controversial new measures to monitor the transportation and personal consumption of the psychoactive southern Pacific plant, Kava.

The militant group "KIWI SCAFFERS AGAINST KAVA BANS" at an official meeting in Daisy Hill last night
The militant group KSAKB (KIWI SCAFFERS AGAINST KAVA BANS) – at an official meeting in Daisy Hill last night

The consumption of kava is a cultural tradition for a vast number of Polynesian and Micronesian communities based in the Pacific Islands as well as New Zealand, Hawaii and Australia.

The roots of the plant are used to produce a drink with sedative and anaesthetic properties. The relaxing effects of kava are non-stimulated and sedating. It is primarily consumed to relax without the intoxicating effects of other drugs.

However, gradual pressure has been put on Australian-Polynesian communities by members of both state and federal governments who do not understand the concept of socially-responsible consumption.

Kava, the simple and traditional Polynesian cuisine, has Australian authorities terrified because they don't know how to tax it.
Kava, the simple and traditional Polynesian cuisine, has Australian authorities terrified -because they don’t know how to tax it.

The new measures proposed by authorities to tackle the possession, sale and transportation of kava – has seen this same community reach boiling point.

The entire scaffolding industry of Queensland’s south-east corner, which is predominantly made up of deeply-rooted Pacific Islander-Australians, have this week put the government on notice.

Their demands are simple. The authorities have received an ultimatum:

“If restrictions continue to be placed on the consumption and or transportation of kava… Then construction projects in Logan, the Gold Coast and Brisbane will be halted indefinitely.”

Lote Rokocoko, a spokesperson for the newly-organised KIWI SCAFFERS AGAINST KAVA BANS (KSAKB) has spoken to the Betoota Advocate about the first Australian workers strike to be organised without any help from the unions.

“The government is happy for us to spend every minute of every day on the top of half-built skyscrapers, but they aren’t happy with how we spend our down-time. What the fuck do they know about kava?!”

“They would prefer us to go to the pub and drink a skinful of piss until we start bashing the fuck out of each other like every other blue-collar Aussie. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t interest us,”

“Kava is the Polynesian communities’ answer to tea or coffee. It is an integral part of our community – they’re just intimidated by the fact that they can’t tax it,”

Three Pacific Islander-Australians scaffolding on the top of a Brisbane skyscraper.
Three Pacific Islander-Australians scaffolding on the top of a Brisbane skyscraper.

The strike is currently well underway, with both small and large construction companies desperately trying to sub-contract. Most have seen little success in their attempts to replace the well-engrained Polynesian-Australian scaffolders.

A spokesperson from Queensland-based construction conglomerate, Hutchinson builders, has also spoken up.

“Jeez, I wish one of those pin-striped suits up there in Parliament would hurry up and give these blokes what they want,”

“We can’t replace them – and we can’t work without them. It’s bad for business. Leave that kava shit alone so we can get back to work – it’s not like they come to work drunk on the shit”

However, with lawmakers showing no signs of bowing to the pressure of a suspended infrastructure, it looks like the tools will stay down until both sides can come to an agreement.

The Betoota Advocate have also received unconfirmed reports of similar pro-kava activity in several other Pacific-Islander industries including: nightclub security, NRL football and the Mormon Church.



    • Hi, do you have a contact email I can send you a message on? This is in regards to your petition against the Kava Ban! Cheers 🙂

    • I am asking the Minister to step down.

      This is a Discrimination against the Pacific Islanders.

      why Kava ? But not Alcohols & Cegarette ?

      ALCOHOLS and Cigarette Causing multi Milion dollers for medicals causing to Lungs and Liver Cancer.
      killing 2000 people a day.Why can’t you stop that? is causing Australia a fortune.

      To me is a Discrimination against us.
      Discrimination is not tolerate in this country.

      I AM ASKING FOR A STRIKE ALL WORKS , SPORTS, AND ALL ISLANDER COMMUNITY include Muslims to show that Discrimination angaist nationality are not tolerate.

      • Well said.

        Enough is enough
        Contact : Hon. Ann Bressington

        Google: Ann Bressinton Agenda 21 and you will know why it has happening.

        She will help

        Also Fair Dinkum Radio – is a great place to have your say.

  1. Good work brothers. Love to hear “first Australian workers strike to be organised without any help from the unions.” Hope they rethink their stance on kava. Scaff on!

  2. Great awareness there is more pressing issues. Just tell the goverment to focus on Jakarta right now as lives are at stake. Why the negative interest in Australia. Its better than alcohol.

  3. It is ludicrous to think Kava drinking is a crime.
    A small minded matter.The lawmakers needs further
    awareness about this kava drink.They dress smart
    but lack the knowledge.They need to get out more and
    think out of the square.

  4. Good onya scaffers!

    Senator Nigel Scullion has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about on the subject of kava/kava consumption and is obviously ignorant of the facts…unless of course it’s just a case of political grandstanding!

    I live in a Melanesian community and fully understand the benefits, social and medicinal, of drinking kava.

    Tell the Senator to talk to the coaches of the various NRL Teams who recommend and encourage their players to drink kava – it might help him understand a little better.

    Better yet, pour a couple of shells into him, take away HIS grog and then see how he feels about it!

    Bloody wanker!

    I have been practising as a Natural Health Therapist for over 30 years. I have done extensive medical research on many Differents health products.Piper Methysticum or more commonly called KAVA is one of the SAFEST natural herb I know .will never cause withdrawal symptoms, Best muscle relaxant I know , protects from ovarian cancer and leukaemia, Dramatically improves memory etc..etc.. The list of benefits is almost endless. Best taken with some extra Vitamin B and some cold pressed Oil for avoiding a benign dry skin condition. It was widely used by a Dr. In the Gold Coast to treat children with ADD.
    KAVA is another ban on another list of endless restriction happening in this country.
    It is called : Codex Alimentarius.
    Contact: Hon. Ann Bressington -She is a great fighter for our freedom.
    And check in : Fair dinkum radio – to have your say.

    Welcome to Brave New World


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