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Thousands of fans have described feelings of euphoria and joy after being able to see the former Canadian child star of Degrassi Junior High and current hip hop mogul, Drake, in the flesh last night at his Sydney concert.

In what is reported to have otherwise been a “blockbuster” performance, many fans have taken to social media to describe feelings of confusion after the platinum-selling rap star decided to wear an Australian Rugby Union sweater on stage for the entire second half of his set.

“I mean, I’m all about his story” says one Drake die-hard.

“All that ‘started from the bottom’ shit is what it’s all about. But a Wallabies jersey was a pretty bad call”

It is believed the Toronto rapper, who’s Sydney visit has been long awaited, wore the jersey on-stage after a quick half-time intermission – only to announce that he was proud to be a Wallabies fan.

Drake is said to have shouted the following, to a dead-silent audience:

“This shit right here goes out to all those kids that have people telling them that they ain’t gonna amount to nothing. All those kids who never get to win much. I dedicate this show to the Australian Qantas Wallabies – and any other losers who dare to dream”

It is believed that his pro-Wallabies tirade was met with a hesitant applause, as many fans slowly realised that Drake was not a joking, but was actually trying to inspire his audience.

Other Drake fans were less understanding. One man, who had travelled all the way from Dubbo, took to twitter to vent his frustrations.

“He rocked the Wallabies kit because he thought it would appeal to the underdogs. He doesn’t realise how shit Australian rugby actually is. I know he meant well but jeez…”

“He may as well have been out there in a f**kin’ Cronulla Sharks singlet. Or Sydney Thunder. He needs better PR people. I loved his show but I was very fucking offended by his attire”

Many commentators have suggested this blunder is not Drakes fault at all. But more of a blunder by promoters.

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