What was a sensible if not COVID-19 guideline pushing dinner party divulged into a makeshift British panel show only without a studio audience to remind viewers to laugh. 

Attending the party in Betoota Heights was British expat (see immigrant) Reginald Farthing (26) who did not know that a few bottles of new-world red would cause his fellow guests to imitate his countrymen.

“Generally I find this sort of kerfuffle begins when somebody asks me to repeat a word or phrase that I dare say sounds charming in my accent,” stated Farthing in the posh stylings of an accent he perfected during years of private education.

“Tonight someone told me I sounded like Hugh Grant if he was just a normal person. I must say, I would have been completely affronted if it weren’t for my decades of practice in emotional repression.” 

During the course of the evening, various Australian party guests began asking Farthing for Cowell-esque responses to a multitude of British accents including several Geordie reality TV stars, all four Beatles and one unfortunate cockney chimney sweep.

“Yes, fair, shall we err on the side of caution with that one?” 

After hearing iterations of the millions of accents of his home, Farthing then received his greatest humiliation when he was asked to do an Australian accent.

“Crikey, I…I…sorry that is just not necessary.” 


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