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Some old fool from the nation’s largest loss-making masthead defended peddling climate denialism for a paycheque last night on Q&A.

Paul Kelly, the least exciting of the nation’s stock of Paul Kellys, is the political editor of The Australian newspaper.

The broadsheet makes a net loss of $30m a year according to News Corp’s Annual Report – which is freely available for download from the ASX website.

Nevertheless, Kelly clashed with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the programme after Turnbull pretty much called him a Holt Street rent boy.

“How dare you,” said Old Man Kelly.

“Blah blah blah I’m a journalist of blah blah who the fuck cares. I’m old as God’s cricket coach blah blah I’m probably going to be fucking dead by the time the next election rolls around and they probably won’t even replace me when I retire because I demand to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to just come into work and gibber at people. This new world scares me blah blah blah.”

Bob Carr was also there to share his opinion on things.

“Hey, watch me try to fit my whole shoe in my mouth,” said Carr.

“Hamish! You’re not watching!”

All of a sudden, after a few seconds of silence, Kelly sprang back to life.

“I’ve met Rupert Murdoch and we are friends! Are dare you talk about my friend!”

More to come.


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