A local man from West Betoota is still adamant he can get all of his DIY projects done by himself, despite increasing pressure from his partner, neighbours and the local council to employ a qualified tradesman to finish help finish his handywork.

Cam Durie, a senior salesman at Betoota Tyres’n’More, believes his numerous projects will “come up a treat” when they’re completed and that there is absolutely no need to hire an overpriced tradesman to provide a quality standard of workmanship.

“What’s the point?” Cam protested. “There’s nothing you can’t figure out with YouTube and a bit of ingenuity. These tradies charge like wounded bulls to bloody eat pies and slap some timber together. My Dad did everything himself and he’s ingrained that attitude in me”.

Speaking from his soon-to-be front deck, Mr Durie is enjoying a hard earned sausage and a Fanta, after spending a solid four hours scoping the aisles at  Bunnings, brainstorming ideas for the roof.

“Yeah research today bloke” he declared. “Just wanted to check out some alternatives to that overpriced Colourbond shit. Also managed to pick up a few specials. You know they sell pine offcuts for $2.50? I grabbed a bunch. I reckon I could do something creative with those”.

Stepping into Cam’s house and over the  lightly flapping dropsheet floors, it’s quickly apparent that he has a bit to do. He’s knocked out a large wall, which has caused some issues, there’s a plywood board acting as the bathroom door, another dropsheet acting as bi-fold doors out to the deck and the steps to the backyard have been removed.

After explaining all of his ideas in great detail, he again protests. “People these days have just lost patience and want a quick, sub-standard outcome. I’m old-school. My favourite show is Grand Designs. They take years of careful planning and construction to achieve those results. I’m telling ya, this’ll be the last house standing in the Betoota. Anyway I need a kip. Hung as a bastard”.


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