A group of friends are today discussing one of the biggest issues in town.

Friends and acquaintances of Bethany Wilson are currently trying to ascertain they origins of the big shiny new rock on her finger.

The Betoota Heights woman caused a splash this morning, when she revealed a new piece of bling on the fourth finger of her left hand.

It’s believed that Bethany and her boyfriend of 14 months agreed to get engaged over the weekend at a bougie costal holiday home, with the pair taking to social media this morning to confirm the big news.

While the length of time before the proposal was a matter for discussion amongst town, her close mates have confirmed they are looking forward to getting the tea on her new piece of jewellery.

“It’s gotta be a lab grown diamond, surely,” said one friend name Jess today.

“It’s big, but it’s not crazy big,” said another.

“It’s pretty fucking big lol,” responded a third.

“It could maybe be a family heirloom or something?”

The reason for consternation comes as a result of the vast price difference between lab grown rocks and rocks often mined by people being watched over by scary men with guns.

Understandably the lab grown rocks, as well as being far more ethical, are significantly cheaper.

As a result the geological make up of a stone is one of this things you aren’t supposed to ask.

“Yeah, we’ll get a couple of cocktails into her and she’ll spill the beans,” laughed Jess.

“It’s definitely a lab grown though.”


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