27 March, 2017. 12:23

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Senator Malcolm Roberts has dismissed the claim made by the Bureau of Meteorology this morning that Cyclone Debbie is the ‘most powerful tropical storm’ seen in over a decade.

Quick the quell the hysteria over the Coral Sea depression, Roberts said the storm was ‘nothing but a bunch of hot air’ – and that the change in the frequency and ferocity of such storms is not down to climate change.

“You have these scientists, these academics that try to instill fear into people about the climate and whatnot. That’s what’s going on here,” said the senator.

“I’m not saying you should ride it out, I’m saying that you need to evacuate if you’re in those areas affected by the storms. What I am saying is that you’re not evacuating because of climate change, you’re evacuating because it’s dangerous and the loony left is forcing you.”

Echoing the sentiments made by the Senator for Queensland, a spokesman from the Bureau explained to The Advocate that the storm is indeed very dangerous and people need to ‘get the fuck out of there’ if they live in the affected areas.

“At this moment, we’re asking residents to evacuate. How or why this storm came about can be debated later, but for now, just get out of North Queensland,” he said.

“But honestly, if you don’t believe in this climate shit, then in the words of my late stepfather, you have rocks in your head, cunt.”

More to come.



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