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Since retreating to her husband’s native Wee Jasper two years ago, Alex Winter has made it abundantly clear to her Sydney friends that each time she makes the trip upstate for a visit, they need to strap in for a big one.

This weekend marks the first time she’s made the trip solo after giving birth to a daughter at the end of the last financial year.

“I can’t wait to see everyone,” she said. “I can’t wait to drink my body weight in prosecco. Can’t wait to dance like I’m 30. This weekend is going to be so lit.”

“It’s good to get away from it all down there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mark and the baby and I’ll miss them, but fuck-me-rone, I need this weekend with the girls.”

“Forget Todd Carney, I’ll be carrying on worse than anyone in this city”

Explaining to her squad of school and college friends that she wants to get ‘drunker than Amy Winehouse’ this weekend, some of them have expressed their hesitation and concerns to The Advocate ahead of this weekend’s debauchery.

Just last night, the 29-year-old asked close pal Millie Caldwell for Senator Derryn Hinch’s phone number.

“She asked me to find out where he bought his second-hand liver, because Alex reckons her’s will be blowing a bit of smoke come Monday morning and might need replacing,” said Millie.

“That’s got me on edge a bit. She also has her heart set on clubbing apparently, she hasn’t done a ‘slut drop’ in like ten years and wants to relive what it was like to be an anxiety-riddled 20-year-old girl just stepping into the world again. I say bring it on.”

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