Local Betoota Downs meat merchant, Franky Russo, has been asked to provide evidence to an independent inquiry set up to investigate damning accusations directed towards his family owned butcher shop.

The Rural Australian Butcher Industry Equal Standards watchdog, more commonly known as RABIES, has called upon the 40-year-veteran to halt all further trade until the allegations have been investigated accordingly.

RABIES are a consumer advocacy group that seeks to protect rural Australians from butcher abuse – like unsafe products, predatory lending, false advertising, astroturfing and pollution.

As well as the mortal sin of not giving free cheerios to the young fellas.

This is the crime that Franky and is nephew Adam stand accused of, after one local mother claimed her son was ignored multiple times when he asked for one of those ‘wed sosages’ that had caught his eye through the glass at RUSSO MEATS last Sunday.

The alleged victim, Roy Parsonson (5), is believed to have cheerfully pointed at the cheerios – recognising them from the time he went to the butcher with his grannie in the Flight Path District last week.

“Wed sosages” he shouted, several times – expecting the seemingly nice country butcher to do his job and just give him one for free.

However, Roy Boy’s excited request went unrealised.

The family eventually exited the store with the kilo of steaks and leg of lamb and a distinct lack of cheerio fo the young fella to enjoy.

Roy told us that he was incredibly sad and that he wants to go back to the other butcher on all future occasions.

More to come.


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