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Fresh from a summer overseeing Norley via Thargomindah, a hotshot ringer has taken up the leading hand position at the Pearson Cattle Company’s nearby Moonrock Downs.

Blair ‘Money’ Coleman arrived in Betoota earlier today and was keen to make himself aquatinted with all that Betoota has to offer.

“Yeah, joog. Been out to Moonrock, taken a look at the plant. Got my quarters in order. Met the manager and got off on the right foot with the camp cook [laughs] The rest of the camp should be here by the end of the week, bungee,” said the 29-year-old.

“Should be getting down to work directly.”

After telling station headstockman Brad ‘Yap’ Manning about how much of a talented horseman he is, Money was told that he’d be riding two half-way decent wook-a-took mares and a pony that had a bit of a reputation.

“Yeah look, that colt I put the new bloke on is a real cunt of a thing,” said Manning.

“The horsebreaker reckoned we should either chuck it out with the buckjumpers or just shoot the fucking thing. Reckons it’ll fucking kill someone if it got the chance, but I’m not one to give up on a pony. So that’s why I threw Money the keys.”

“But yeah, mate. When a bloke turns up to a station and says he knows a thing or two about rank ponies, you put him on the worst thing you have.”

Unperturbed by having the gauntlet thrown down before him, Coleman finally managed to get a halter on the thing in the round yard. Getting a saddle on it a short time after that.

“Give credit where credit is due,” said Coleman.

“That was impressive, but you should’ve seen what happened when he finally worked up the courage to get on the thing.”

In what onlookers described as ‘a bit of outback gymnastics,’ Money Coleman was thrown to the length of the reigns almost immediately.

“You’d never seen anything like it, it was like he was ejecting from a fighter jet. He just went straight up in the air, which was lucky because other wise the cunt would’ve rolled on him,”

“Come to think of it, I might just shoot the cunt, actually.”

More to come.



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