1 March, 2017. 12:23

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Retired mining magnate and politician Clive Palmer revealed today that the force behind his social media rejuvenation is US rapper and producer Xzibit, who joined the 62-year-old’s staff earlier this year.

Speaking to The Advocate after polishing off half a box of Hennessy and two blunts of Caboolture Kush, Palmer explained that hiring the American to run his media was ‘one of the smartest business decisions’ he’s ever made.

“X[zibit] and I get on like a house on fire,” said Clive from the Coolangatta airport tarmac.

“After I got voted out, I went on a bit of a holiday. Caught up with a bunch of old friends, one of them being X. We got talking over a few bowls one night in Santa Monica and we just came up with the plan then and there. He was going to help me get back on my public feet.”

So with that, Palmer granted the musician access to his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

An example of the hot fire spat by Palmer in recent weeks. PHOTO: Supplied.

From a slow beginning, with many ordinary Australians left scratching their heads at the message Clive was leaving on his social media platforms. But the aristocratic Aires has since gained a cult following.

“Oh man, I’m so grilled right now,” explained Palmer between fits of laughter. “X, do you want to say something?”

The rapper then laughed and asked for quiet.

“Yo, what’s with this boots, yo? Why do Clive make me wear them? Gotdam elastic-sided motherfuckers, yo are they really made of a kangaroo? That’s stone cold!” he said.

“Ay yo, been realy man [laughs] We got shit to do.”

More to come.



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