Sandy Dawson felt pretty uncomfortable this morning as she took a walk of shame, so to speak.

However, rather than trundling home after a night out with heels in hand, Dawson had to briskly walk past her local French Quarter cafe with a warm beverage from another establishment.

“Yeah, I wasn’t really thinking. I normally get my coffee from the Running Dime, but this morning I thought I would try a flat white from somewhere else and wandered up the street.”

“Anyway, long story short, I ended up walking back past the Dime with my coffee in hand. I sort of tried to hold it to the side so they wouldn’t see I went somewhere else.”

“He (the Barista) looked straight at me, and he smiled, and he waved.”

Dawson told us that at that moment she felt like she had been caught by her boyfriend with someone else in bed.

She said she awkwardly waved back, feigning a smile, while quickly scuttling across out of view.

“Fuck I don’t even know why I felt so bad, it’s okay to get something from somewhere else, but I felt dirty walking back past you know. I think next time I feel adventurous I am going to go the other way down the street.”

“It’s not that I don’t like their coffee or anything, but I just wanted to try somewhere else and they had nice looking designs on their cups. I actually really don’t know why I feel guilty, but I do.”


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