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A local carpenter admitted to The Advocate this afternoon that geo-politics isn’t one of her strong suits.

Grace Howell knows Ozito power tools can be good if you only need to use them once. She knows Milwakee used to be good, now their tools are shithouse. Matika’s good if someone else is paying and the real pros use DeWalt.

The 24-year-old added that the best drill bits in the world are made from Chinesium, a malleable allumnium alloy that’s both light and flexible.

But nearly every Chinesium tool in the world is manufactured in China – usually from old drink cans and discarded newspapers.

That’s something that’s got Grace worried for the future.

“If I run out of Chinesium drill bits, I might be forced to go back to using some shitty American drill bits that don’t even bend,” she said.

“Which isn’t a laughing matter. There’s nothing funny about drilling a hole through some hardwood and the drill bit cuts right through it. It’s really, really funny when you have some Chinesium ones and they just end up looking like a bag of metal Twisties,”

“Or you get the multi grips out and they break in your hands. As long as I didn’t pay for it, it’s funny as hell,”

“With this whole Cold Trade War with China going on right now, we might run out of Chinesium tools, which will make my day much duller.”

More to come.


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