Channel 9 has today fired a big shot in the TV rating wars, announcing a new show to rival SAS Australia.

The home of the Wide World Of Reality television has unveiled an exciting new concept – SES Australia.

This follows the widespread publicity garnered by their competitor’s show SAS Australia, which has seen a wide range of mostly B list celebrities fight it out in a series of army style challenges.

“State Emergency Services Australia, will be a much more feel-good reality program,” said Channel 9 boss ‘Hollywood’ Hugh Marks.

“We won’t be doing brand repair for the SAS, and we’ve got some bigger names to take place in our exciting challenges,” he said.

“Just wait until you see Belle Gibson navigate a dingy through floodwaters in Southern NSW.”

“Yeah, I said Belle Gibson, because if Channel 7 want to get Schapelle and Del Busso, we’ll top them with her.”

“You think Warnie and Fev won’t have the audience in stitches when they rescue some rock climber”

“Imagine being stuck on some cliff face somewhere, and hello, here comes Fev and Warnie to rescue you ya,”

“That is as good as it gets.”

Marks said more contestants will be revealed as the week goes on, and is hoping the show can help as a recruiting drive to help out the good people who volunteer their time for the SES.

The show will air at 7:30 pm next Wednesday night.


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