A customer at Bunnings Cottesloe was today left at peace with his decision making after the local “Tool Expert” informed him that he “has one of them at home.”

Whilst browsing through the middle aisle of the Tool Shop with a Bunnings Snag in hand, Peter Gray contemplated whether he should purchase an Ozito Drill, or a decent Makita one.

“I know the Ozito thing is piece of Chinese shit, but I don’t wanna cough up a few hundred for that Makita one that I’ll probably only use three or four times,” he thought to himself.

As he tossed up his options, a Bunnings “Team Member” who goes by the name of Josh De Angelis strolled up to him.

“G’day mate. Is there anything I can help ya with?” was the greeting offered by De Angelis.

Gray informed the Tool Expert that he was after a decent enough drill, but didn’t wanna pay too much for one. At this point he heard the magic words.

“Yeah mate those Bosch’s there, middle of the range. Pretty good. I’ve actually got one of those myself mate, so I can definitely recommend it.”

After hearing the stock standard rock solid confirmation that he needed Peter Gray proceeded to thank the expert for his time before, took the drill and walked around aimlessly for another half an hour looking for “some more toys” [ha ha ha].


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