14 August, 2015. 14:44

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FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Bronwyn Bishop said she “actually enjoyed the experience” after she was spotted on a commercial flight today.

Mrs Bishop was returning to Sydney from Canberra this afternoon when she told her fellow passengers that flying commercially wasn’t as bad as she thought it was.

“Normally I wouldn’t be looking forward to an experience like this one,” she said.

“The idea of spending hours on end trapped in a metal tube with mouth-breathers and wage earners isn’t my idea of a good time,”

“But this time it’s been largely uneventful. The recent unpleasantness had no bearing on my decision to fly commercial.” she said.

Mrs Bishop resigned earlier this month after facing fierce criticism for weeks, since it was first revealed she had spent more than $5,000 chartering a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong in November to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser.

However, other passengers on the aircraft were not so glowing in their assessment of how Bishop conducted herself while on the flight.

Canberra public servant Grahame Frog was in the row behind the parliamentarian and he says that Bishop doesn’t know good plane etiquette.

“She reclined her seat all the way back as soon as she got onboard,” he said.

“Then she kicked her shoes off and told her media advisor to get her a Diet Coke. He looked tired. But the worst thing she did was clap when the plane landed,”

“I hate people who clap when the plane lands.”



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