Though she spent a solid twenty years complaining about her children, local mum Liz Campbell now finds herself with too much time on her hands, and not enough activities to do.

Like most women her age, Liz grew up in a time when a household could be supported solely by one income, resulting in one spouse being the breadwinner, and the other staying home to look after the children.

And though this was a pretty sweet deal as soon as the kids got to school, it’s left Liz with no employable skills or hobbies at her disposal – which means she’s bored shitless now that her kids have moved out.

Rather than choose the usual boomer route of enlisting into a university course with the sole purpose of annoying fellow students with inane interruptions, Liz finds herself tossing up between reading the latest Liane Moriarty novel or fuelling her anger with some Sky News. The latter of which would be on par with her religious following of the Daily Mail.

Much like the Daily Mail, Sky News is known for its boomer clickbait, which focuses mainly on fear-mongering opinions on immigration, thought pieces on why Meghan Markle is the devil reincarnate, and providing platforms for far-right extremists to spew vitriol. 

One of its leading political commentators, Andrew Bolt, is especially contentious and has a slew of controversies under his belt including defending George Pell and claiming the stolen generation was a myth. Much like every right-wing pundit, Bolt’s following continues to grow no matter what moral line he crosses, as the more despised he is by the general public, the more his loyal fans tout him as the ‘saviour of the oppressed.’

It’s unknown what avenue Lyn chose to explore, but her recent comments on ‘climate evangelists’ suggests she chose the road more travelled.

More to come.


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