Sydney Real Estate agent, Joseph Huntington-Whitely (31), is ecstatic at his newfound sense of camaraderie and interest in working football. But he’s not the only one.

The NSW Blues out-of-character performance and subsequent defeat over the Queensland Maroons in last night’s State Of Origin opener has today resulted in thousands upon thousands of Sydney-based working professionals arriving at work and talking about the subtle nuances of rugby league football.

For Joseph, this kind of feel-good sporting tribalism is just what he’s been waiting for – after years of pretending to give a shit about the Sydney Swans.

The functional alcoholic, who hasn’t had one conversation in six months that didn’t centre around Sydney’s property market, says he just can’t believe how good it is to be a New South Walshman.

“Fuifuifita played one hell of a match!” he roars.

“I had a big night with some clients on the Hungry Lepers Indian Pale Ales” he says.

“We really let loose after James Malany started getting some space outside the rucks”

While the reconfirmation of rugby league’s popularity in greater New South Wales might actually have a negative affect on property prices in Sydney, and in turn the safeness of Joseph’s job, he says watching the young tattooed millennials from the Western Suburbs win against the Queenslanders makes it all worth it.

“Up the Blueys!”




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