Gillian Lexington, the proud owner of Forbes cafe Gillie’s Grub Box, added some all-American pizazz to her cafe today by donning the wall with a completed framed puzzle of James Deane.

“Finished it myself. I thought, ooh that looks good, I bet some of the girls would like that!”

Following the purchase of a two-dollar shop frame, Lexington (67) transferred the completed puzzle into the frame before displaying it proudly on the wall next to a holographic poster of Elvis and a painting of Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart playing pool.

“Haha, imagine those two having a conversation!”

Far from disturbing the balance, Lexington insists the James Deane puzzle adds a touch of charm to the Grub Box while not distracting from her signature ‘Cup-of-chino’ or ‘shnitzel sambo.’

Mid 20th century iconography from Hot Spot discounts are not the only statement pieces you will find in the Grub Box. The wall next to the coffee machine is adorned with printed out coffee related quotes (Keep Calm And Drink Coffee) and photo’s of Lexington at various holiday locations holding a sign saying ‘I’d rather be at Gillie’s Grub Box.’

Even those with more metropolitan opinions on interior design think that Lexington’s bold move to add the James Deane puzzle to her cafe was inspired. One such proponent is interior designer and The Block judge, Shaynna Blaze.

“It’s inspired. A picture’s worth 1000 words but this one does it with 1000 pieces as well. You don’t get that sort of symbolic storytelling a lot outside of regional NSW. I’m sorry but I just love it.”


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