After a few months spents working as a general unskilled labourer for the NBN Co, Brayden Kelly reckons times are good at the moment.

“It’s a real throwback to the Rudd Gillard Rudd years” said the 34-year-old trained sparky.

“Except maybe a few blokes won’t die this time. But really, who the fuck knows”

Kelly took us through a regular week for him, which mostly involves digging a couple of metres of trench on a quiet suburban street.

“Yeah, probably one trench or hole a day I would say,” he laughed.

“Lot less humidity then when I was in the roof”

“But yeah, I always kicked myself for not getting in on the mining boom… Who would’ve known a couple years after that we’d be on the same wages putter copper back into the ground”

“You wouldn’t read about it mate. No rebates, nothing like that, just flat chat salary”

“The money is so fucking good. I feel like I’m dealing drugs again”

We contacted the NBN Co about the fact that there seems to be very little happening in terms of progress on the Liberal appropriated plans, however, our reporter said he hung up after the spokesperson started talking about benefits of fibre-to-the-node.


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