Brandon McRae has raised eyebrows at his work today after asking a colleague if he knew the relationship status of Angus and Julia Stone.

The trainee dietician says he is an avid Triple J listener and loves all sorts of music, including the Sydney born and raised folk duo, but said he has had some strong reservations about them for quite some time.

“Like, I’m not imagining it, am I?” he asks.

“I thought that they might’ve been Tasmanian for a while there, and this new song kind of confirms it”

McRae raised the salient point about the whole farm house thing outside of Byron Bay.

“They’ve been up in the Byron hinterland for ages. I know there are some free spirits up there, and they would have been having a real crack at alternative lifestyle stuff”

“It’s not that much of a stretch”

Although Angus Stone has been outspoken about the fact that he has established a working farm with 50 head of cattle, Gray isn’t buying any of it.


“I’m not sure hey”

The Advocate contacted the pair, known as the ‘Australian White Stripes’ for comment, but didn’t receive a response  – as apparently, the hinterland property is able to function without electricity or a phone line.


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