4 September, 2016 13:10


For the first time in his premiership, Mike Baird has admitted that there might be other factors involved in the anti-social behaviour that can occur when 10,000 people walk on the same street in an evening. That is, outside the consumption of alcohol and being young.

The Premier has today called for better late night transport options in the inner city, as well more crowd control and police staff – after several thousand Baby boomers from nearby investment properties converged on the main drag of Kings Cross to play bridge.

Traffic was backed up to the ANZAC bridge as the contestants refused to compromise on their choice of location for the tournament – much like their decision to retire in a busy nightlife district full of young people that they despise.

After several phone calls to the NSW Premier’s family landline, Premier Mike Baird called an immediate press conference this morning to explain that the older residents of Sydney’s inner east, need not worry about the traffic that interrupts their outdoor bridge tournaments.

“Obviously this is out of control” said Baird.

“We’ll be looking into new measures of late night public transport – lets see if we can’t get these young people on trains at that hour, instead of interrupting perfectly good bridge tournaments.”


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