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A group of blokes who love sport in all forms have observed their annual celebration day where they’re asked how in blue Christ can they watch American football.

Dennis Pidemont, Lewis Coleman and Goink Gooch have all taken a day of annual leave to watch The Superbowl and that’s not sitting well with a few of their so-called mates.

Gooch explained that his boss couldn’t give two fucks what he spent his day doing, he just shrugged and said, ‘See you on Tuesday, Gooch,’ but a mate of his just couldn’t resist throwing a barb.

“They ask me how I can watch this shit,” said Gooch.

“Easy. I like watching it. It’s not like Victorian Kickbacks or God’s Winter Game Rugby League or even the sportscoat version of it,” he said.

“It’s not like soccer or cricket or anything else, it’s like human chess and I find watching the tactics and the plays to be super interesting,”

“Like honestly, why do people care so much about me watching the Superbowl? So what I like getting my mates over for some shithouse locally-brewed PBRs and some ‘hawt wangs’? Fuck you.”

Dennis and Lewis both nodded at our reporter when asked if they had a similar experience to Gooch.

They went back to watching the game and our reporter filled up a Glad bag with chicken wings on the way out.

More to come.


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