The IOC has this year revealed the introduction of a 3-on-3 event at the 2024 Olympics – in an effort to give the games a more youthful and urban appeal.

The 3-on-3 events are set to take place in downtown Paris, in a car park behind a popular dive bar, and follow the inclusion of surfing, skating and breakdancing as Olympic sports.

Australia says they are confident we might be able to take Gold.

The Australian Insitute of Sport has today put a call-out to pubs and clubs right around the country to nominate three of their best to throw hands at the Olympics in four years time.

“We are waiting on confirmation from the IOC as to whether or not alcohol will be listed as a performance-enhancing supplement” said one spokesperson.

“If our Olympians are allowed to rip into the dark spirits before competing, we can only expect gold medals”

“What we are hoping to find is three close mates who know how to dip, and have done several times before”


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