Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews MP, has had to remind the residents of his state that, while it may seem funny and well-intentioned, blackface is still very offensive – even during Mad Monday.

“I understand a lot of Australians are certain that it is fine, but I have been informed by actually black people that Blackface is still very offensive,” he said during a press conference this morning.

“We made it through Halloween and the Summer festival season, but Mad Mondays are where Victorians usually throw caution to the wind”

“Please remember that black people do not enjoy the sight of non-black people using acrylic or oil-based paints to replicate their natural skin colour. They find it offensive”

“Don’t go full Lilley”

However, despite the Premier’s efforts to communicate a deeply cultural issue, local Victorian, Greg Fitzroy says it’s just another fucking example of ‘PC gone mad!’

“Are you kidding me?” he said.

“They are the ones making it racist,”

Greg says it’s an affront to Victorian culture to make a big a deal out of anything that doesn’t directly involve the performance of an AFL football team.

“It wasn’t racist until they said it was racist. This is Victoria mate, not America,”

“No one would have said anything if they just shut up and had a laugh like the rest of us while we use kraft body paint to replicate the way their skin looks from the day they are born”

“First we have to bow to Goodesy and his spear chucking and now we are being told what we can and cannot wear!”


  1. The PC Nazis were obviously off duty in 1980 when the silver screen gave us a black homosexual convicted murderer in whiteface.

    That’s right, no one blinked when Georg Stanford Brown (a black Cuban-American actor) ‘whited up’ as a rodeo clown in the 1980 film, Stir Crazy.

    Blacking up is permanently taboo.
    Whiting up is only taboo when “creepy clowns” are fiddling with children.


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