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Scott Morrison unveield his plan today to build a gas powerplant – even if the free market would rather build someone renewable.

Which is what it planned to do, says AGL, who wanted to turn the former Lidell Power Plant into a battery and renewable energy source.

But the Prime Minister explained that even if nobody in the private sector wanted to build a gas powerplant, he would use all of our money to build one whether we want it or not.

Now the nation is calling on Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to say building more of these things that contribute to climate change is a bad idea and we probably shouldn’t do it.

The Advocate spoke briefly to Mr Albanese this morning via telephone where he thanked this masthead for passing the national sentiment onto him.

“Yes,” he said.

“Building more of these types of powerstation is a bad thing. But going after the government when everything’s like this is also a bad idea. I don’t want to be the bloke who throws up roadblocks to the things Australians need,”

“And remember, Greg Combet is the reason why you’re not unemployed right now. Not Scott Morrison. He’s doing what he does best. Take credit for things he hasn’t done and shift responsibility and accountability when things go bad,”

“But I understand what you mean and thank you for telling me that the nation doesn’t want this new power plant. I’ll speak to the media this afternoon and spell it all out for them, how the Liberals are in the pockets of mining companies and so on. I’ll go write that down now.”

More to come.


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