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Just days after being abandoned by News Corp and other world leaders, Donald Trump has had the final nail hammered into his presidential coffin today.

The admin of the fabled world leader WhatsApp group, George Soros, has removed Trump from the chat.

The move signifies the end of Trump’s time as president, save of course for the next few months in which Christ knows what’s going to happen.

Mr Soros, a mysterious billionaire, allegedly controls the world via a secret system and/or society of likeminded billionaires that include the likes of Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, former Test opener and casserole enthusiast Matthew Hayden, Lord Alan Sugar, the drummer from Thirsty Merc and others.

It’s understood by The Advocate that Mr Soros has extended an invitation to President-elect Joe Biden but the Ohian has yet to accept.

More to come.


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