Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that the impending extinction of koalas could only help the economy, if anything, while speaking at a endangered species skeptics conference yesterday afternoon.

The Member for Warringah has managed to provoke enough outrage for people to not forget he exists as he pointed out that he disagrees with the commonly-held theory that cutting down trees and developing bushland is actually not good for the iconic Australian marsupial.

“However, if these so-called government statistics regarding the threat to koalas was real – and they were to die out – it could even be beneficial to society if anything”

Mr Abbott then went on to point out that the mass development of South-East Queensland and central NSW could only benefit from the koala dying.

“It’s quite simple” he said.

“Less koalas, more houses. No koalas, no more homeless”

“That’s not to mention that fact that it would shave millions in our national budget to no longer have to create those bloody koala crossing signs, or for our road workers to have to clean their furry corpses off the roadside”

This comes after the speech he gave in London where he confirmed that he is indeed still sceptical about the science of climate change – but if it is real – it could only benefit society and the economy because ‘more people die in cold snaps’

His personal views, as opposed to the views of the government he led, seem to have barely moved since he famously described it as “crap” in 2009.


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