23 May, 2016. 10:45

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AFTER A LACKLUSTRE DEBUT for the world-champion Fiji Rugby Sevens team in London last week, superstar athlete Jarryd Hayne is considering what his future holds – saying it hinges on whatever his next lifelong dream is.

Admitting to a growing media pack outside Twickenham Stadium yesterday, the 27-year-old Dally M winner said he’s dreamed about playing lots of different sports, from hurling to cricket.

“Yeah, look. I’ve had a go at playing a highly-technical game that’s only played by one country before and I did pretty good. As a kid, I went through a bit of a hurling phase… and I’m already over here,” he said.

“Does anyone have any leads? I’ve got a pretty good eye on me. Maybe one of these county cricket teams will scoop me up while I’m here on holidays,”

“The other day in the shower, it dawned on me that I’m not Sonny Bill Williams. Even though his dream of making the All Blacks took him a year of proving himself in domestic rugby, I still think he could’ve quit 12 weeks before the World Cup and made the team.”

While no betting agency in the western world is prepared to give odds on Hayne’s future, insiders agree that he’ll try his level best to make the Fijian team for the Rio Olympic games, despite them winning the London Sevens without his help.

“Look, I’ll do anything but head back to the Eels. That’d be like jumping out of the lifeboat and climbing back on the Titanic.”


  1. Perhaps he can take up target shooting and replace Michael Diamond in the Australian Olympic team. And oh yeah, when do the winter Olympics start?


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