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Internet phenomenon and celebrity goat ‘Gary’ passed away earlier this week, triggering an outpouring og grief around the world.

Unlike the April Fool’s joke last year, the animal actually died aged 6 on Thursday night via euthanasia after vets diagnosed a bleed from an acute heart tumour.

As Gary was arguably the most famous Australian animal, the Prime Minister has offered a state funeral to the family of Gary.

Speaking to The House yesterday afternoon, Malcolm Turnbull said the goat’s passing was untimely and premature.

“Mr Speaker, I’d like to pause for a moment to reflect on the life of Gary the Goat and his service to the Australian people,” said Turnbull.

“The offer of a State Funeral has been extended to the family,”

More will be known at a later date. For now, we remember Gary.”

Opposition leader Bill Shorten simply shrugged and looked over at his deputy Tanya Plibersek, who also shrugged and seconded the motion.

However, our reporters observed Mr Turnbull take his seat in the House and look up the ceiling, letting out a small laugh.

It is then, it’s alleged, that he turned to Julie Bishop and asked her how his political career had descended to the point where he offered a State Funeral to a goat.

More to come.



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