A local dad has had to combine both of his responsibilities today in an effort to keep everyone happy.

The first promise, which was made almost a week ago, to his mates – as well as his obligation to his young family – have been smushed together a local pub this afternoon.

“It’s called compromise” he says to our reporters.

“The boys would be filthy if I flaked, and obviously someone needs to look after the baby.”

“I do think that her mum’s low-key lunch with her sisters would probably be a more appropriate place to drag the kid to though”

After realising his wife was expecting him to take the reigns and look after their infant child while she went to lunch, Betoota man Braith Cartwright (31) has taken his kid to the Lord Kidman Hotel to watch the rugby league world cup alongside his degenerate mates.

“Oi can you guys not smoke around the kid” he half-heartedly asks.

“Oh yeah, sorry mate. Does she want to eat like some pretzels or something” says Bozza, a prominent tax cheat.

“Nah mate, she can barely eat bananas yet. She’d have trouble with a pretzel” says Braith.

“Does anyone have an iPhone charger so I can put on the Wiggles for her?”

With the Tonga vs Lebanon match a good five hours away, only time will tell if he can pull off this full-day session with the lads.

“We’ll see. Hopefully it doesn’t get to hot in this godforsaken place. The pokies room has aircon if she needs a nap”


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