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Over are the lazy days of playing Battlefield on the couch wearing only underpants.

At least for Dennis Samuels they are.

The oppressive heat was getting to him this morning as he made his way to the Betoota MetroLine stop on the corner of Greenbow and Kent in Betoota Heights.

He wasn’t used to wearing a $29 business shirt in such conditions.

But as the Shire Council upgraded all MetroLine services to have air conditioning at the end of last year, the 36-year-old felt that relief was just moments away.

However, the entire light rail car was already full to bursting so little relief was had during the commute.

“I thought to myself, ‘Oh well, it’s just a few short weeks until there’s another public holiday,'” he said.

“It’ll take a bit to get to get back into the swing of things. Check which invoices haven’t been paid from last year, chase them up. Get my body clock back into work mode. It’ll get easier.”

But one thing that has made it easier is the presence of the office air conditioning, a luxury that he simply doesn’t have at home – much like everybody else in this scorched hell pit.

Samuels’ employer, Bell Potter Betoota, told The Advocate that their air conditioning is often seen as a ‘huge drawcard’ when attracting graduates.

But they refused to comment on whether they’d turn the heat up come winter time.

“We advise our employees to bring a jumper all year round.”

More to come.




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