A dodgy contractor has sent chills down even the hardest tradesmen’s spine this afternoon, following a dicey joke about killing people.

The self-employed career concreter by the name of Ernie Margolis cackles to himself with a proper gold tooth glistening in the sun, after insinuating that he has engaged in buried bound and gagged victim of organised crime or personal vendetta.

In fact, Ernie follows up his joke by suggesting he’s actually killed more than one person.

After an initial smoko conversation about how the severe heat was making his job harder, as the concrete was setting faster than usual, Ernie refers to the concrete slab in front of him as both the livelihood and bane of his existence.

“These fucking things cause me so much shit. I don’t know why I fucking put up with them [laughter]”

The rest of the site joins in on the chuckling, before Ernie shows his true colours.

“I shouldn’t laugh too much. A lot of my problems have been solved under those slabs”

Everyone goes a bit quieter except for a few equally as dodgy bikie-affiliated labourers who laugh even harder.

“Loooots of problems” says Ernie, as to emphasise how much of psychopathic criminal he is.

A young apprentice drops his water bottle out of confusion and nervousness, before Ernie and the dodgy bikies break into laughter again. Ernie assures the young bloke that he needn’t worry about drowning to death face-down in a thick layer of wet cement.

“Don’t worry young fella. Wouldn’t let a handsome bloke like you disappear on site [laughter]”

“You’d be a quite popular in the pen”




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