The 2018 Summernats car festival ended yesterday, however, news of the fully-charged-high-horsepower-high-pollution event has only just reached the United States of America, more specifically, the popular energy entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

Where most people curse the car festival for the unapologetic noise and environmental pollution it causes every year, Musk sees it as an opportunity. Reaching out exclusively to The Advocate earlier today, Elon made yet another bold and momentous promise to the people of Australia.

“By January 3 2019, I will make sure the Summernats horsepower party will be the cleanest and greenest car festival on Earth” he exclaimed.

“And to show how serious I am, if it takes me longer than 359 days, I’ll foot the bill!”

While many Australians would welcome a quieter and cleaner festival, there’s a concentrated minority who think Musk has gone too far this time.

“Is he fucken’ serious?” roared Tyson, a street machine enthusiast from West Betoota, who makes the pilgrimage to Canberra every year.  

“His electric bullshit wouldn’t even make the 1800km trip to the Berra [sic]”

“Nup.” He ended on.

The Advocate reached out to the residents of Canberra’s bustling Lonsdale St – the 600m hot-lap hot-spot of festival goers – to hear their thoughts on Musk’s proposal, which, unsurprisingly, were all very positive.    

“I think it’s a fantastic idea. I didn’t pay $1 million for an apartment just to have these petrol heads set up camping chairs at my front door.”

“Not to mention the racket!”

Following the success of Elon’s previous renewables promise, Australians should be quietly optimistic about another.

More to come.





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