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The National Party of Australia announced this morning that they’ve released Tony Windsor without harm following his suspected abduction on yesterday morning.

Just after lunch on Friday, the former parliamentarian was rushed as he left a popular Tamworth cafe and forced at knifepoint into the boot of a waiting HSV Statesman.

Bound, gagged and hooded, Mr Windsor was dumped around 11 this morning near Glen Innes relatively unharmed.

Following a visit to his local constabulary, the former Independent Member for New England spoke briefly to The Advocate via wireless telephone a short time ago.

“I was enjoying a skinny flat white and a neenish tart with a friend one minute, then the next, I could hear a car driving erratically, Limp Bizkit blearing on the hi-fi inside it as it drew closer,” he recounted.

“Then these men with those boarding school sock wash bags over their heads leap from the car with machetes, dragged me across the wide Tamworth footpath and into the boot of this car,”

“Next thing I know, I have the hood pulled off my head and I’m in a shearing shed surrounded by a number of old foes from the Nationals.”

From there, Windsor says he was told not to run against Joyce in the upcoming New England by-election. If he did, there would be repercussions.

“I’m too old for this type of Canberra horseplay,” he said.

“So I said I wouldn’t run against him. They said they’d cut me if I didn’t agree. Then the goons drove me home and waited inside while I spoke to the media out by the dam that afternoon,”

“Then when I came back, they put me back in the boot and drove me out into the boondocks, out somewhere near Glen Innes, where they tossed me into the table drain and sped off,”

“No hard feelings, politics is one hell of a game.”

More to come.


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