Lebanon will make its second appearance at the Rugby League World Cup later this weekend – Their all-star side, known as the ‘Cedars’ will feature a number of experienced National Rugby League players, most of whom were born in Australia and don’t carry citizenship anywhere else other than Australia.

Through the rugby league’s ‘grandparent rule’ any player can claim up to one fourth of their ancestry when it comes to picking a national side. Unlike federal politics which strictly states you must only hold Australian citizenship and not hold citizenship to any other country if you want to represent Australians on a tax-payer funded salary.

In a startling revelation, the entire Lebanese world cup squad appears to hold more solely Australian citizens than both the lower and upper houses in federal parliament.

“Yeah. Bit of a funny finding” says a prominent Lebanese-Australian carpenter from South Betoota named Joe.

“Considering I’m the one who gets told to go back to where I came from. The two leaders of the Nationals are less Aussie than me”

“Mate three out of our last four Prime Ministers have had an English parent. Two of them were fucking born over there”

“These people need to learn our ways before fraudulently getting themselves elected and living off my tax dollars”

This news comes as The high court has ruled Barnaby Joyce, Fiona Nash, Larissa Waters, Scott Ludlam and Malcolm Roberts were ineligible to be elected.






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