29 October, 2015. 9:45

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

FOR THE FIRST time since he was ousted as prime minister, Tony Abbott has reclaimed pole position in the “most reviled public figure in Australia” poll, compiled by research group Roy Morgan.

Many media and political commentators agreed that Mr McCaw’s place at number one was only temporary, as regardless of what happens in this weekends Rugby World Cup Final, the Australian public would still have some shred of respect for what he’s achieved during his career.

The news comes after Mr Abbott delivered an anything but keynote speech at the Margaret Thatcher Lecture earlier this week, in which he implored the leaders of Europe to turn away refugees before they become a problem.

Abbott’s words drew harsh criticism as his government’s policies have no bearing or tangible relevance to the current immigration crisis rocking many European countries, but that didn’t stop him trying to impart his wisdom upon those present at the lecture.

Arguably Australia’s most openly anti-McCaw person and dedicated Wallabies fan, Robert Gumble, says that while he knows Richie McCaw is a fucking cheat and general goody-two-shoes wanker, he agrees that the departing All Blacks captain has had a positive impact on the game of rugby.

“Look, I fucking hate the bloke,” he said. “Plays the ball off the ground, comes in from the side all the time and gets away with doing it – but because he’s been able to get away with it for so long says something about the calibre of player he is. He’s obviously very good at what he does.”

However, Mr Gumble says that he’s not prepared to say the same about the former prime minister.

“He’s gone. Don’t ask me about the cunt. He should be in everyone’s collective memory by now.”



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