As the nation hits 30 degrees before 10am in the hottest September on record, the Federal Opposition is once again banging on on about nuclear power as our most reliable energy option moving forward.

It is not yet known if they honestly believe this, or if they are just throwing around distractions aimed at stalling a transition to other renewable forms of energy in an effort to keep the cash coming in for their mates in the fossil fuel sector, who are still arguing that the 30 bushfires currently burning down the eastern seaboard having nothing to do with climate change, which they still want us to believe isn’t real.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has rubbished calls from the Coalition to start a conversation on use of nuclear power, but the Coalition opposition still think it’s the only way forward – after spending two decades denigrating any other form of power that isn’t coal and gas.

Peter Dutton’s proposal to begin build extremely expensive and severely volatile nuclear reactors around the country is a rather humorous one, considering the fact that the three greatest infrastructural achievements his party oversaw in one decade of government will only be remembered for their flaws.

One, the NBN broadband roll-out, which has left Australia with a 3rd-world standard of wi-fi that saw millions of Australian homes damaged by overpaid cowboy contractors drilling copper wire through the walls.

Noone can really explain why the Liberals went ahead with a broadband network that leaves us ranked behind Kazakhstan in connectability, but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that Rupert Murdoch stood to lose a lot of money if Australians had better options than the Foxtel cables that John Howard spent billions of dollars stringing up for him.

Then there was the robodebt disaster, which could very well see several former Ministers incarcerated for their role in falsely accusing and relentlessly pursuing our most vulnerable citizens over bullshit welfare fraud, based off the findings from an illegal computer algorithm.

And lets not forgot the 2016 census, which literally crashed and failed to gather any real information about our nation, when our then Liberal Government attempted to make the slightly innovative decision to upgrade from pens and paper to online surveys on ‘the internet’.

But nuclear power is the way!

Political rivals have warned against this idea, with some pointing out a country that can’t even manage to roll out a decent broadband network during a mining boom, or run an online census survey, shouldn’t go anywhere fucking near Nuclear reactors.

However, many Nuclear Power advocates have come out swinging against critics today, stating that a lot has changed since the USSR nearly melted the planet in Chernobyl.

“This is by far the easiest way to boil water” said one Nuclear lobbyist, who has been employed by coal lobbyists to dominate the conversation around renewable energy.

The Coalition Government has released a statement, written by coal lobbyists, that highlighted their intent to explore the possibility of using millions of gigalitres of water in building reactors for this half-baked idea that Australia could somehow do a better job than Japan at powering the country through splitting atoms.



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