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A local woman pushed to the edge by her boyfriend’s need to be the Devil’s Advocate has this week found herself indulging in some tech voodoo, by subjecting the Sims character she made of him to a series of tortuous experiences.

May Weathers [26] says that her boyfriend Paul occasionally has ‘his shithead moments’, where he’ll unexpectedly decide to be a contrarian for no other reason than to piss her off, as though possessed by some kind of trickster ghost.

“He’ll just randomly be a massive cunt”, May explains to The Advocate, “he’ll be fantastic around 80% of the time, and then he suddenly wants to poke the bear.”

“I don’t know if it’s some kind of hormonal thing or if he just gets bored.”

May goes on further to explain that the last time Paul had a change in mood, he decided it’d be fun to challenge her mid rant, by insisting that her boss wasn’t that bad.

“I decided then and there, that I just won’t bite anymore”, she says, letting out a dark chuckle, “and instead, I created him in the Sims.”

“So far, Sim Paul has pissed himself, had multiple fistfights and lost, been publicly humiliated.”

“Accidentally set himself on fire.”

“It’s therapeutic.”

More to come.


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