Australian Prime Minister and former supporter of marriage equality, Malcolm Turnbull, has today promised Australia’s gay population – most of whom live in his own electorate – that he hasn’t forgotten about their dreams of being considered worthy of marriage.

In April, Turnbull joined a long list of Australian state and federal politicians who have personally met with Indian mining billionaire Guatam Adani in a desperate plea for him to privatise the coal currently sitting adjacent to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in central Queensland.

“It’s nearly there” he said.

“Once it’s up and running and shipping coal back to India, we can focus on the previously promised human rights amendments, and you can focus on yourselves instead of looking after this reef”

“In fact, if you could help get the other lefties off my back about coral bleaching we’d be able to get to your needs much sooner”

Last month it was reported that the future of Australia’s biggest mining project was in doubt after the Queensland Government decided not to facilitate a potential $900 million federal loan from Turnbull’s government.

Indian coal miner Adani’s proposed multi-billion-dollar Carmichael coal mine in remote central Queensland would consist of six open-cut pits and up to five underground mines that would supply Indian power plants for less than half the cost Australians would pay for it.

“Unfortunately this is usually the case. Our government gets so caught up in creating a few thousand jobs for a tax-avoiding international corporation and our environment and human rights get made to wait” said Turnbull.

“I don’t know if the reef will survive this whole thing, but surely you lot [the gays] will”




  1. Equality already exists, rights already exist, love already exists, non-discrimination already exists….but the definition of Marriage in the Marriage Act is only for opposite sex couples. So SSM activists are wanting the redefinition of marriage….nothing more. It changes marriage into something new that departs completely from the millennia-old institution of marriage designed for heterosexual biological parents to procreate and raise children in a safe and healthy environment – every civilisation since the dawn of time has had heterosexual marriages as the pillar of society for their success and prosperity – every other sort of “marriage” is less. Can you imagine homosexuals wanting “equal rights” to use the word “heterosexual”?….NO, because the two don’t mix and so too, the word “marriage” is intrinsically heterosexual because only heterosexual biology can do marriage. Same sex marriage is completely different because it is solely a sex/love/lust/romance-based concept to make homosexuality look acceptable using governments to register their “marriage” on a government registry… if that is all marriage is about. This has never been done before in the history of humankind and it trashes marriage beyond recognition. If the homosexuals get their “marriage”, then they destroy what they want by getting what they want.


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