Johnathan Thurston has sent a scare through the Banana Republic this week after going down twice at training with a broken neck while at the Gold Coast State of Origin base on Sunday.

The GOAT was reportedly back on track for Game II start tomorrow night, after being sidelined for five weeks with a shoulder injury that was until he sent chills through the Maroons camp yesterday arvo.

Photos show Thurston going down during light drills with complaints of 32 fractures to his neck, during an opposed training session against Queensland Cup side Brisbane Souths Logan.

However, all hopes is not lost yet, as Thurston bounced back from both incidents and finished the session with a neck brace, alongside the other injury concern of Josh Papalii’s knee.

Former Queensland Origin great Brent Tate has reportedly offered to lend Thurston his iconic neck brace, which saw him play in eight series wins between 2006-2014.

“He’ll be right” says Tate.


The most recent shoulder injury is responsible for putting an end to Thurston’s record of 36 straight Origins.


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