Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been littering all of his recent media appearances with an array of horrifically offensive swear words, including the notorious c-bomb.

Turnbull, who is renowned for his ability to not make as many gaffes as the last three Prime Ministers, was believed to be ‘testing the waters’ to see if anyone even cares about what he says anymore.

After a shocker fortnight, the 12 month veteran of world-leadership is still at odds with the premiers, his chief scientist and the media.

The dejected look on the Prime Minister’s face during his press conference this morning said it all.

“The position is very clear, it is absolutely clear, this review is business as usual . . . The one thing I want to be very clear about, we are not going to fuck shit fuck tits testicles fuckity fuck high cost of energy for c-nt c-nt c-ntity do da Australian families and businesses,” Mr Turnbull said.

It seems that no media outlets, opposition leaders or any members of his own party even picked up on these comments.


(probably not) 


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